Ph.D. Guidance

Doctorate of Philosophy, abbreviated to Ph.D.

A doctorate is an academic degree or a professional one that in many countries qualifies  the holder to teach in a specific  field.
A doctorate usually based on a minimum 3 years study ; the highest degree awarded in graduate study
We support Computer Science / Information Technology / Electrical and Communication Engineering / Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Our Responsibilities in Ph.D Guidance

  1. Research Proposal – Preparation
  2. Annexure -I Paper Preparation & Publishing Guidance
  3. Annexure – II Paper Preparation & Publishing Guidance
  4. Implementation / Execution/ Demo of Overall Research
  5. Synopsis Preparation
  6. Thesis Preparation with Research scholar.

Authorized Guide In Ph.D

Click the University, to know the Authorized Guide in Ph.D for the specific University.

Ph.D Guidance

PhD Topic Selection

Selecting a topic for research in PhD may be a difficult task and it is the first step for proposing a research. Researchers got to narrow down the broad space of their Research field to pick a subject.

Choosing a subject for research in PhD may be a difficult task in academics instead of anything which needs years of investment to determine the following areas with Passion , Interest & Knowledge .

There are choices before choosing a subject for pursuing PhD. On the selection of the topic it has to be validated by an expert help, who can be a supervisor or mentor or guide from the concerned institute. Our PhD Assistance Team has qualified research professionals with expertise in topic selection and guiding the researchers with sufficient subject knowledge of the chosen topic. Our expertise will facilitate in selecting right topic with proper understanding and interest of the researchers.


Research Proposal Identification
Topic Explanation & Selection
Topic Research & Analysis
Development & Execution
Synopsis Preparation


Research Proposal Identification

Our main concern is to create awareness about their researches and rectify the difficulties of our clients in choosing their research areas.

The research proposal is a document which involves a series of actions in a systematic and scientific way. We can also say Research proposal is a blueprint of the study, which outlines the steps that the researcher will implement during the period of his/her study. The researcher has got rights to modify his proposal on the basis of his ideas gathered during the process of research.

Topic Explanation &Selection

We facilitate latest titles from the research forums and also initiate with proper explanation in confidently choose their titles with best level satisfactions.

Selecting a clear topic and confirming, is the initial step in the research process. Selecting a topic require a clear information and current updates. Researcher gets these questions from existing theory, previous research, practical experiences, etc

After explanation researchers will come out with the problem statements as an abstract.

 Development & Execution

Development face is to find the solutions for the problem specified with the researcher interested programming language. Our Developers are real time experts with excellent skills of the specified language and also with ample years of industry exposure.

Synopsis Preparation

Synopsis preparation will be done by an expert in the language. They refer the reference thesis and synopses that were previously done to initiate the development flow for solving the problem.

Our experts analyze the flow to convert the diagrammatic process to the user friendly language; the explanation of the algorithm initiated in the development stage will be explained.

PhD Guidance Steps

  1. Base paper Selection
  2. Survey Papers Study
  3. Problem Identification
  4. Proposal Study
  5. Guide Confirmation for Proposal
  6. Code Developing with Experimental results (20 days)
  7. Journal – I Preparation (20days)
  8. Journal – I Publishing (Free Journals – 6months, PAID Journals – 20days)
  9. Proposal Extension Study
  10. Code Developing with Experimental results (20 days)
  11. Journal – II Preparation (20days)
  12. Journal – II Publishing (Free Journals – 6months, PAID Journals – 20days)
  13. Thesis writing (60 days)

Ph.D Projects

  1. Ph.D Projects in Bigdata
  2. Ph.D Projects in Datamining
  3. Ph.D Projects in Cloud computing
  4. Ph.D Projects in Network Security
  5. Ph.D Projects in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  6. Ph.D Projects in Mobile Sensor Networks
  7. Ph.D Projects in Wired Networks
  8. Ph.D Projects in Semantic Web
  9. Ph.D Projects in Mobile Wireless Networks
  10. Ph.D Projects in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (Vanet)
  11. Ph.D Projects in Web Mining
  12. Ph.D Projects in Web Technology
  13. Ph.D Projects in Web Services
  14. Ph.D Projects in Database
  15. Ph.D Projects in Peer to Peer Network
  16. Ph.D Projects in Power System
  17. Ph.D Projects in VLSI
  18. Ph.D Projects in Power Electronics
  19. Ph.D Projects in IOT
  20.  Ph.D Projects in Image Processing