IEEE KING in Pondicherry , IEEE KING in  Chennai offers IEEE final year projects on Embedded (EMBEDDED HANDHELD MOBILE COMPUTERS, Embedded based BIO-Medical Systems ,Embedded based CYBER-PHYSICAL SYSTEM ,EMBEDDED based ROBOTIC VEHICLE, EMBEDDED based UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING, EMBEDDED based ENERGY-SENSITIVE PRODUCTION CONTROL,  EMBEDDED based RSSI, EMBEDDED based SECURITY AND ACCESS CONTROL, EMBEDDED based BANKING ,EMBEDDED based E-COM, EMBEDDED based WIFI & LIGHT FIDELITY,EMBEDDED based TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM,EMBEDDED based COMPUTER VISION AND IMAGE PROCESSING,EMBEDDED based HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE, EMBEDDED based ARCHITECTING AND CONSTRUCTION,EMBEDDED based LAB-VIEW, EMBEDDED based RASPBERRY PI  for 2016 -2017 Projects ). We train students on embedded projects for 2016 -2017 in Pondicherry & Chennai ) development and enhance their ability to develop their own academic Embedded projects. Training and Projects are developed by Certified Experts . which ensure the quality of the learning. We provide complete materials for each project modules and guide them for review presentations till the end of their academic project. Our Training is more practical with graphical analysis rather than theoretical grounds. We also provide Internship Certificates for qualifying students .